When I see the colours of Pride

Photo by Yoav Hornung on Unsplash

I have been reading about the importance of this month in the news, in articles and on posters which are being forwarded to one another, everyone is saying this is the month of pride and rainbow colours. At first glance, I try to guess what it means from the context of the LGBTQ+ community, maybe it is about taking pride in one’s identity. I am proud of myself for being a woman of age 22, living my life at my own terms and expressing myself without the fear of judgement from others. Now I know that it’s hard to encapsulate one’s identity in mere words, or just in a sentence, it takes people years to write biographies about themselves. But, I am struck with a profound realization as I weigh these two words, expression and judgement. I have seen people’s ignorance and harsh criticism in intolerance of expression of voices that speak a different language than the societal convention. That spreads fear. This fear can reach such deep corners that shame becomes its second friend and it’s difficult to even whisper the words of truth to oneself. I think it could be unfortunately so oppressive to hide and live in fear of someone taking a jibe.

Photo by Randalyn Hill on Unsplash

I am cautious of my words because I don’t wish to stir up someone’s doubts and fears. I want to lend my hand to you which you can maybe hold onto and if you are pushed to the ground, I’ll help you pull yourself up on your feet. We will walk to a cafe and grab a cup of tea, we are sitting across each other, breathing in the comforting waft of sugary cakes and bread probably getting prepared in the kitchen. I am here to listen. I might not be capable enough to silence the sharp tones of hatred and violence, but there is a silent place in my space where you are recognised and accepted, you are free and proud, we are celebrating in ways that are allowed to be loud. This does not mean that you are alone when you step out, we are still together in fighting that crowd. I want to say, you are as special and important as anyone else who’s human, actually we forget to be kind to animals, so let’s just say whoever is breathing in this universe, and you deserve every right to express yourself in the quiet, or in the world outside, it’s your choice. And I am around to stand by, forgive me if I caused you pain or if I had said something to distraught you in vain, believe me, I am your friend. I am your supporter. I am your cheerleader though I lack a little in the dancing and jumping game.
I hope you will find more people like you and me, even better people and empathy.