I release a sigh. She didn’t pick up the call again. Maybe she will see the missed call and call me later in the afternoon. “But did you? Did you call her?” I ask myself while I’m typing these words on the keyword. Okay, to say the truth, I texted…

This is one of those days. I skipped my medicines because I felt like it’d be harmless. But now, at 11 pm, I’m sitting on my bed crosslegged and writing this as my mind surfs on the waves of emotional turmoil, I can’t say I’m afloat, I’m mostly submereged in…

Okay, so where do I begin?

I was in my third year of college, battling depression and anxiety, it had taken over my consciousness and I was no more myself, but just a withering machine on autopilot. It could collapse any minute.

“Life is like a watermelon, sweet but you have to spit out the seeds”

I walked from hostel to classes, to canteen…

Monika Yadav

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